Kicking it off, again.

That thing where I continue to try to again and again

Kicking it off, again.

This is it, again

New year, new blog. I’m trying this again.

Like so many people who get a little self-improvement focussed in the new year I have done the same. It’s the same thing for the past few years, start a blog. I want to start writing and posting things outside of the gardens of social sites (you know the twitters and the instagrams, etc.). A place where I’m in control, sort of. This is also the time of year when I plan projects for the year and I think to myself I really need a place where I write with intention what I’m trying to work on. I need this for a couple reasons. One, accountability, if I start talking publicly about projects there’s a little more incentive to actually finish them. Second, workflow, I really need to think about these projects in their smaller chunks and writing about those individual chunks helps me work those out.

For example this new blog, I started it out on a new framework Gatsby by the way to get some more React and GraphQL experience. Before I even set a git repo I was trying to figure out how I was going to solve the problem of posting from my phone because that was my number one problem from last year. Fortunately, I backed off that problem just to get this thing up and running. I’ll be sure to let y’all know when I found a workflow for mobile posting that I can vibe with.

So, yes here we go again. Maybe this time it will stick. I’ll leave you with the quote that makes me try again and again.

Doubt increases with inaction.
Clarity reveals itself in momentum.
Growth comes from progress.
For all these reasons, BEGIN.

-Brandon Burchard