My first 4 faves of 2020

These are the first few things I've loved in music for 2020

My first 4 faves of 2020

So, we are just a month and a half into 2020 and there is already some great stuff being released. First is the 4 track EP, Cut Me by Moses Sumney. I can’t wait for the full album this is a little denser sonically than Aromanticism but I’m here for it.

070 Shake’s, Modus Vivendi gives me my first fave hip hop album and maybe the best thing GOOD Music is going to release this year? A bold claim I know but this album when it hits it hits so perfectly, see Daydreamin for example.

Squarepusher!!! Be Up A Hello had him returning to his old equipment from the 90s, and this is where I fell in love with him and so I’m very excited about this album. Full of glitch mayhem and breakbeat anarchy it brings everything I want from a Squarepusher album without feeling tired and worn out.

Last but certainly not least is Beatrice Dillon’s Workaround this is a master class in how minimalism is an extremely complex, difficult thing to pull off. Also, how to truly explore work within limitations. All tracks clock in at 150bpm but there is nothing monotonous about any of these tracks.