Now its our turn

Months later Covid 19 hits the U.S. with full force

Now its our turn

So my last post was all about how folks in China were dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic. Mostly about the ways they were using the internet to stay connecting and new avenues of performance that artists were using. A few months later and ihave watched performances on Instagram Live, Twitch, and more. As I write this I’m wathcing a recording of a A-Trak live DJ session on YouTube.

It’s a bit odd I now at the time I couldn’t even fathom that this virus would come to the United States and disrupt life as we know in the ways it has. Honestly, very few of us I believe have eperienced anything even close to this in our lifetime.

I have come up with my own set of coping strategies, like so many I’ve been in the kitchen baking up a storm. I’ve tried to direct my manic energy in positive ways, working with a local mutual aid organization, and jsut trying to be helpful as much as I can to my friends and family.

Who knows maybe next week, I’ll do a lottery, but instead of eggs whoever guesses the magic doughnut gets a delivery of tasty treats.