Hanging it up for the season

When you almost get to the finish line

In a slightly different world, I would get up tomorrow morning and start running, and not stop for 26.2 miles. Instead, I will get up, probably do some yoga and then winterize the garden. Two weeks ago, I started feeling pain in my right leg. I tried to run through it, tried to foam roll it out, yoga it out, but that wasn’t going to work. Each run got shorter when I went out, stopped by the pain.

This week I finally listened to my body and have (temporarily) given up on the idea of running a marathon this season. I’ve been training since June and it’s hard to give up on this. I hadn’t realized the mental toll that I was putting myself through in addition to the physical one of preparing for this. But, I was ready, I was looking for a finish line, looking for a win. Instead, I will step up to the next starting line.